Argumented Reality Sentencing Concept

Argumented Reality Sentencing Concept

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The present international laws are not only old and technology has very little effect upon it but it is also purely physical.

Our minds register 24 hours in a day so for example a sentence of five years for a convict is the physical five years that the subject is fully aware of. But what if argumented reality were to be introduced.

When the mind is in dream state, time is altered. One minute in “reality”, inside a dream accounts for approximately seven days. Therefore if a subject is placed in to a semi-conscious state by means of controlled drugs his or her mind would trigger both time alteration and a lack of consciousness being in “reality”. Introduce argumented reality at this point would result in the mind believing the semi-concious state and argumented reality in his or her ambient is “real”.

Using these two components, the “sedative” and an argumented reality computer pre-programmed to create a “cell”, a five year sentence could be completed in one minute of “reality”.

Sound Technology for Balanced Living

A multiple life sentence, even up to thousands of years could be implimented by law, the subjects mind really believing it to be real. Setbacks may occure such as mental instability which may require a further “rehab”.

Using such bio-technology would eliminate the need for jails and all connected to them but without loosing the final aspect of a “sentence”.

AI and law

Government projects have already begun testing in its alfa stage with AI which by 2045 take the place of human decisions regarding sentencing a subject in the name of law.

These projects will result in a computer giving sentences not human. Thus on a totally “logical” base (no thought or emotion).

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