How We Can Use Technology To Help Slow Or Stop The Next Planetary Mass Extinction

How We Can Use Technology To Help Slow Or Stop The Next Planetary Mass Extinction

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So what’s all the hype about huh? Mass extinction within a hundred years?

Sadly the facts prove that we have twenty years from now (2017) to “change our way of living” in order to save planetary resources. That means we have and till 2037, after that time it will be simply too late.

It has already began. Large bush fires, planet warming, already extinct races of life, even mans psychological impact (war).

How technology helps prolong life

We already have different technological methods in place helping save the planet’s resources such as energy from the wind and sun however it isn’t all so easy. Yes, we have the technology but it also requires understanding, Education and knowledge.

The sixth planetary mass extinction is being driven forward by man, not natural events.

So how can you help?

Most have the idea that “only one” can’t change anything and this may be true if he was the only one thinking that thought, however if we all think that thought, then everything could change.

Green Innovation is a good place to start. It covers hundreds of ways you, yes, just you, can help. Take a look, it’s full of great ideas. Here is the mission statement.

We are dedicated to providing information on the latest innovations and developments in green technology helping us, the consumer, to do our bit in saving the planet, and creating eco friendly homes. The site covers all aspects of eco-friendly living, but will focus especially on practical technology that will help the average home-owner make a difference

Sound Technology for Balanced Living

Other things to bear in mind – Your old tech, batteries etc. Donate them to recycling companies, don’t just throw them in the household trash can.

Comments from the web on this topic

“The entirety of modern human history is only ~500 generations. In that time we have multiplied from 5,000,000 to 7,400,000,000 people, adding over 6,000,000,000 in just that last 20 generations.

In the last 20 generations, we have achieved complete dominion over our natural world. Animals only exist because we want them to, we can reshape, remove or repurpose any piece of land. We are only limited by our imagination. If I were an anthropologist observing our planet from afar, I would label homo sapiens as an invasive species that has turned the power of natural selection upside down.

Can we throttle our individualistic base desires and save our species? As a society, sometimes we think that capitalism and the free market will solve everything, but our addiction to growth is so pervasive that market forces will not kick in until it is too late. Remember the mantra, “if you’re not growing you’re dying”. Irony: our growth will kill us”

Good reading

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