Facebook helps prevent suicide | You can laugh. Or you can die | Which world is “real”.

Facebook | A sad result and a growing reality that some people connected to Facebook take it to the next level, deep within, and end committing suicide. A reality that Facebook is working on.

Facebook’s New AI Can Now Identify Suicidal Thoughts In Posts And Videos

Facebook is expanding its commitment to safety with a little help from artificial intelligence.

The company announced Monday its will use the technology to help prevent suicide.

Facebook built an AI that can detect patterns in posts and videos that contain suicidal thoughts and feelings.

Certain comments and posts like “Are you OK?” or “Can I help?” will be flagged as potential indicators. The flagged posts will be reviewed by Facebook employees, who can choose to send resources to the user or alert local authorities.

The function will screen Facebook Live videos as well, an aspect particularly relevant after some users live-streamed acts of violence and self-harm.

The company said it has already started using AI and begun working with first responders in the U.S. It plans to expand the service to other countries.

This is part of an ongoing effort the company made in February to help users form safer, more supportive communities. Facebook’s been relying on users to alert it to troubling content, but the company’s hoping artificial intelligence will speed up and prioritize how it handles incidents. 

Facebook already uses AI to scan for certain inappropriate content, identify terrorist propaganda and help target advertising.

Facebook’s other safety features allow users to check in as “safe” during attacks and receive Amber Alerts through the platform.

To finalize, the question remains for millions of people “what is real?”. The virtual world integrated with the “real” physical world can give devastating results, very much like dreaming lucid dreams. If the lucid dream is “real” enough and one awakes then how sure is that person of knowing exactly which world is real because if the lucid dream to the mind reflects as real enough then the “real” physical world in that mind will become “the lucid dream”.

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