Knight Rider | K. I. T. T | James Bond Lotus Esprit | WET NELLY

Knight Rider | K. I. T. T | James Bond Lotus Esprit | WET NELLY

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Technology has been widely used in movie cars in the past especially around the 70’s/80’s when we saw TV programs such as Knight Rider (K. I. T. T) and the James Bond spy who loved me (1977) Lotus Esprit (WET NELLY). Back in the days cars such as K. I. T. T used a totally computer controlled and almost “alive” concept however reality was another world as these kind of technologies were not actually available at the time. Voice backing and smooth visual effects played a large part to give the effect of being real.

Talking about the Knight Rider (1982 – 2009) car (K. I. T. T) a UK man has just spent ten years of his life actually creating a perfect copy of the car but with todays technology, so this car can actually speak, conversate and control the car.

Here is an introduction.

The car in the video doesn’t have the Turbo-Boost and flying abilities but all other technology in the original concept exists in real.

Mentioned in an earlier article, the James Bond spy who loved me Lotus Esprit (V1) had the same type of concept however we have been unable to locate a real remake of this car, however the billionaire Musk, has already began a project using this same Lotus Esprit to enable a remake to actually go underwater as was seen on the origional Bond movie.

Musk, whose electric car company Tesla and rocket company Space X have captured the popular imagination in recent years, has confirmed he purchased the car used in the movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

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“It was amazing as a little kid in South Africa to watch James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me drive his Lotus Esprit off a pier, press a button and have it transform into a submarine underwater,” he told USA Today. “I was disappointed to learn that it can’t actually transform. What I’m going to do is upgrade it with a Tesla electric powertrain and try to make it transform for real.”

Like something from the reality show Storage Wars, the car was first purchased for $100 inside a storage container, according to the car website Jalopnik, which first broke the news. It had been lost in storage. After it was discovered to be the actual car from the movie, Musk bought it for $866,000.

Musk, who is reportedly the inspiration for Jon Favreau’s depiction of eccentric billionaire Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies, didn’t divulge exactly how he’ll turn the car into a truly amphibious vehicle.

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Although the above article is relatively old (2013), time has passed and we are researching updates regarding the actual work on this project. Stay tunned.


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