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Lenovo Productivity Pack | Looking at the general construction the Lenovo case is of high quality technological rubberized material and feels great in the hands. With the use of internal and invisible magnets, setting the case up to work takes less than five seconds.

Lenovo productivity pack

The keyboard itself is Bluetooth and it’s casing is also finished with a rubberized surface which gives it a great quality feel.

The keyboard includes a track pad.

The keys are large and spaced out perfectly for a comfortable working experience.

Setting up the keyboard with the Lenovo Pad 4 10/Plus is a breeze and takes just a few seconds before you can get down to work.

Lenovo Keyboard

The only drawback I noted is that although it is practically perfect for travel, it is not possible to stabilize the equipment on your lap and requires a flat surface.

Battery – The battery lasts for close to 200 hours and is VERY fast charging.

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Bluetooth – The keyboard will automatically go into stand-by if it is not used so it is important to remember that if you press a key returning from stand-by it will take a moment to function. I would advise to press the space key (or any other key) and wait about 3 seconds for the bluetooth to reconnect, then continue work.

For those of you from old school Lenovo is an IBM company which has a long history of high quality products which have generally been directed to business people although the Lenovo Pad 4 series has been branched out towards families with functions such as fingerprint lock and multi accounts.

Lenovo case

Closing the case turns the screen off. Opening the case activates the productivity interface immediately.

IBM Lenovo

The Lenovo productivity pack is of high standards and of a high quality and it perfectly adapted for business users on the go that require a fast and practical means of accessing there tablet in a traditional form.

Priced in the UK at £79.99.

TIP: If you are using your tablet alone you may consider registering the keyboard as a “known” device, this will stop you needing to login every time the screen shuts down.

VERDICT: WELL worth the investment. If you need to get down to serious work adding the keyboard will make your life a LOT easier.

Editor: David S Onassis

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