Corked Portable Aromatherapy

Claudia Wells – Back to the future | Claudia Wells played the part of Jennifer Parker in the 1985 film BACK TO THE FUTURE as Marty McFly’s girlfriend.

Today Claudia other than her very busy lifestyle owns a high level designer clothing boutique in Studio City CA by the name of Armani Wells (new window/tab).

Check out her “store” video.

You can visit her exclusive store, where many celebrities are dressed to perfection by Claudia.
See her Directory Profile (new window/tab).

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“I spend most of my time in jeans and T-shirts, but sometimes I need to step out and make an impression. Whether I’m giving an important keynote speech or walking the red carpet, I rely on Claudia Wells. Her sense of fashion and style is impeccable. If you’re a guy who cares about the finest quality at the best prices, you owe it to yourself to drop by her store Armani Wells and let Claudia show you just how fabulous you can look.” — A true believer, Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters)

Corked Portable Aromatherapy

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