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RunPhones | RunPhones® are the most comfortable headphones for fitness and are guaranteed to stay put – or your money back.

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With high quality flat speakers inside of a moisture-wicking headband, RunPhones® headphones put an end to the age-old earbud power struggle. Nothing goes inside your ears so RunPhones® are genuinely comfortable to wear PLUS they keep hair and sweat out of your face.

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Available in Corded (RunPhones® Classic) and Bluetooth® (RunPhones® Wireless) styles

RunPhones® Classic features / benefits:

Superior sound quality
4 foot, fabric cord comes out the back of the headband so it doesn’t interfere with your run.
Simply plug in and rock out to your favorite music
Compatible with any device with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack
The speakers are fully adjustable inside the headband to fit your unique head shape

RunPhones® Wireless features / benefits:

Superior sound quality
Syncs with any Bluetooth®-enabled device
Streams music up to 30 feet away
Battery life of up to 13 hours
Fully rechargeable battery with included micro-USB cord
CES Innovation Award Honoree 2014

Running headbands are no longer the thick, heavy, and bulky fashion faux pas that they used to be. Now, they are not only more functional, but we dare say they can even compliment your appearance as a fashion-forward accessory.

Of course, the most obvious benefit of a running headband is that it absorbs the sweat that would otherwise be running down your face and getting into your eyes. But the benefits don’t stop there, read on to learn the additional ways in which a RunPhones® headband can enhance your workout.

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The Benefits of RunPhones® Running Headbands

SheepCloud™ Fabric

Our running headbands are made with newly designed SheepCloud™ fabric, made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Together, this combination equates to stretchy fabric, which is soft and lightweight, with the ability to keep you cool & dry throughout your entire workout. This is a patented design that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Vibrant Colors

Who says workout clothing has to be dull and boring? We want you to be able to express yourself no matter what color you feel like wearing that day. Whether that’s black, white, grey… or something more vibrant like pink, blue, red, green, or orange.

Keep Hair Out of Your Face

If you have long or medium-length hair, you know how distracting it can when your hair is bouncing around in your face with each stride you take. With a running headband you can keep your hair out of your face and focus on what’s most important: your workout. A running headband also has the added benefit of being able to keep your hair dry and sweat-free.

Built-In Headphones

Thanks to the product’s innovative, over-the-ear design, we were able to slip in a set of ultra-slim headphones for your listening pleasure. Unlike other headphones, which have the tendency to fall off as you’re running, RunPhones® headphones are guaranteed to stay secure on your head. Not only are RunPhones® headphones more secure, but they’re also safer to use because ambient noise flows freely through the band. This allows you to enjoy your audio while still being aware of your surroundings.

Bluetooth Technology

You don’t have to be tied down by wires if you don’t want to be. If wireless is more your style, we’re happy to offer RunPhones® Wireless headphones which easily connect to any bluetooth-compatible device. With the ability to stream music from up to 30 feet away, it’s not even necessary to keep your audio device on your person.

Machine Washable

It’s OK, sweat in any of our running headbands as much as you want. Why? Because once you’re done with it for the day you can just throw it in with the wash. But wait! Don’t forget to take the headphones out first or else you might cause some permanent damage.

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