How To Save The Planet And Get Some Cool Tech

How To Save The Planet And Get Some Cool Tech

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Most tech industries use a LOT of the planets resources so generally when you buy any tech the cost isn’t just money you paid but damage to the ambient.

I say most because there is one company that actually dedicates on a large level to saving the ambient. The company “Marley” creates high quality budget headphones and audio tech!

Marley headphones arn’t just any headphones. To begin with each set of heaphones is made entirely from recycled parts, including the cables, drivers, speakers, which are encased in real wood.

Now don’t be put off by the word recycled because using natural materials such as the wood casing on the speakers the sound quality is of high range and crystal clear. The wiring is natural recycled materials too and practically unbreakable.

As pricing goes compared to quality be it construction or sound, the Marley headphones give a quality and sound reproduction equil to a pair of headphones four times its price.

As the name represents the legend Bob Marley, following his footsteps.

Sound Technology for Balanced Living

The marley headphones are made from wood, aluminium and rubber, all recycled material and for each headphones you buy Marley plants a tree, a critical element in nature that not only shades and helps hold soft ground together with its roots but trees absorb carbon dioxide and give oxygen, the air we breathe to stay alive.

Even the packaging is recycled. The tiny cord used to hold the charging wire in place inside the packaging is actually a naturally dead leaf. Creating these headphones, no animal or plant was damaged or killed.

Take a look at the Marley range of natural-headphones and audio range today, you won’t be disapointed – Marley Website

FOOTNOTE: We are NOT affiliated with Marley so make no money from your purchase. We are however ambient-lovers that support life and its animals so your interest will for sure make us very happy.

JUST A THOUGHT: When talking large scale (ambient) a person may think “I alone can’t make a difference” but the fact is your not alone. Thousands upon thousands around the globe do the same as you. You won’t be alone when you buy a pair of Marley headphones. We for example brought two sets so there’s two more trees planted and a little less ambiental damage! So go for it, like I said you will not be disapointed.

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