A Technological Conspiracy We Are Already Living

A Technological Conspiracy We Are Already Living

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Technological Conspiracy | Imagine the imposible to become possible.
The world lives in a technologically controlled ambient. Controlled by the powerful and rich. The questions are about time and events. The weapons used to gain total power and control over all men, women and children.


One of the services governments offer is health.
We all know about desease and there are billions of kinds, some that kill, others than harm but did you ever ask yourself where they come from? Nature, really? Are you sure?

Lets move thoughts to a slightly different angle.
The world medicine industry is one of the most powerful industries existing. Billions upon billions of dollars. Did you ever ask yourself how did they become so powerful and rich? Through untold deseases from nature? Really?

What if I told you that over half of known deseases are created by man, and not just for experimental purposes but to be used as a weapon?

So what is phase one?

A perfect example is the flu jab.
Over the mass we are all told it is vital and that flu can kill and that in effect that flu jab might even save our lives. Well.

So what if the flu virus was ‘given’ to you first? It travels through the air so its enough to give it to just one person and that virus will do the rest. And then suprise, your government will offer you a FREE cure! Free? NOTHING is… Free.

Now expand this reality into a million deseases, even Cancer.
Did you know that there has been a ‘cure’ for Cancer for over 40 years? But there again, imagine how much money would be lost if they cured everyone from every desease. Billions upon billions.

One of the largest and most powerful businesses already controls your health by means of diseases, the food you buy and consume and even the trust you have gained with your doctor.

And this is just the beginning.

Phase two.

Mobile Technology – Cell phones, Internet, GPS…

Phase one is already a success. Phase two has been underway for the past thirty years dating back to the first cell phones and mobile electronic devices.

No matter where you are or how well you feel protected your electronic device withhold some form of tracker. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, All social networks offered to you not only follow you but report back to HQ where you have been, your ambient, the weather, people around you and with you, and for sport lovers wearing pulse trackers, even your heart beat and metaphysical functions.

But the social networks are a free service. Really? Rule number one. Nothing is… Free.

Sound Technology for Balanced Living

Phase two has been a success.

Phase Three – The ultimate weapon

Phase three has just begun. Actually in the medical field.
Implanting various forms of electronic devices in to the human body.

Anything from the replacement arm or leg to micro trackers injected in to the human body.

Over the mass at present you will have noticed your drivers licence or ID card, bank card etc have a new ‘digital’ format, the plastic card. This is ‘experimental’ and has been ‘faded’ in slowly so you will not notice the change too dramatically, thus accepting.

In the medical ambient talk about implanting AR and VR, communications devices in the present form of what is known as ‘e-skin’ has already begum. Take a look at this video.

Take note, no matter how it is all presented to you it will always be in the format that ‘it can or will help you’ or ‘it might save your life’ or ‘prolonging your lifespan’. Either way it is done in a ‘smooth’ format making it easy for you to not only believe but to accept.

Here is another example.

This is the beginning. Micro-technology already exists. So small that the human eye cannot visualize it.

Moving on – Cybor-technology

The joining of the human physical with robotics. Cyborg.

What would be more logical to gain ‘total’ control over a human being but by using cyborg technology. This type of technology isn’t any longer around you, held by you or visible to you as an external element but it is a ‘part’ of you.

It has already begun. You can’t hide.

Cyborgs at work: Swedish employees getting implanted with microchips – An example of already existing proof.

So why. What is it all about?

In the end, it is not about making billions of dollars and not about money at all. It is about the ultimate ‘power’. With power money has no value.

Man, since the dawn of time, has dreamed of ‘playing God’. The ultimate power.

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