How Technology Could Help Save Your Life In An Earthquake Zone

How Technology Could Help Save Your Life In An Earthquake Zone

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Earthquake | First of all if you live in, on holiday at or passing through any of the areas below you can expect an earthquake strike.


Japan tops the list of the earthquake prone areas. Japan’s physical geography and its location along the Pacific Ring of Fire makes the nation highly susceptible to earthquakes and tsunamis. The Ring of Fire is a tectonic plate in the Pacific Basin that is responsible for 90% of the world’s earthquakes and 81% of the world’s strongest quakes. On top of its prolific tectonic activity, Japan is also home to 452 volcanoes, making it the most disruptive geographic location in terms of natural catastrophes. The mega-thrust earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, was the strongest to hit Japan and one of the top five largest earthquakes in the world since seismological record-keeping began. It was followed by a tsunami with waves of up to 10 m (33 ft). The disaster left thousands dead and inflicted extensive material damage to buildings and infrastructure that led to significant accidents at four major nuclear power stations – SURGE

I could write a hundred pages about earthquakes, why they exist, where they come from and a long history covering the lives lost but here at high Tech Gadgets we focus on technology so let’s take a look at exactly how technology can help us in advance.

So let’s get started. For the practical here are the top five apps you can download to your Android or iPhone.

Earthquake Apps

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Earthquake Warning Apps

Earthquakes hit with little to no notice at all and although satellites monitor the earth’s movements it still remains a fact that the unpredictability of an earthquake is 99%. Installing an app that can keep you up to date about earthquakes help “prevent” your being in the shock zone by “knowing in advance” to give you time to take appropriate action. There’s a very high chance your smartphone or tablet has a built in GPS so the apps mentioned above will be able to keep you fully up to date in the area you are in.

A very sad fact also that man insists on putting money above life itself. An example: “Only rich countries can afford earthquake-proofing“.

Tip: If you ever experience being in an earthquake as I have twice, never run for cover (into any form of building), it may well be a one way trip (your last). If there is nothing above you, nothing will fall upon you.

Tip: Depending on how bad an earthquake is and the damage it creates, be warned that on many occasions devices that rely on a telephone or WiFi signal to operate may well be unstable or not work at all if your nearest cell tower or WiFi device has been damaged or destroyed.

Can Satellites Aid Earthquake Predictions?

Earthquake prediction is an imprecise science, and to illustrate the point, many experts point to the stories of Haicheng and Tangshen, China.

In the winter of 1975, scientists observed changes in land elevation and water levels near the town of Haicheng. People said their pets were behaving oddly. Minor earthquakes, known as foreshocks, increased in frequency. An evacuation was ordered.

On February 4, a few days after the evacuation, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the region, killing 2,041 people and injuring 27,538. Chinese officials estimated that more than 150,000 people would have died had the earthquake not been predicted and the town evacuated.

On July 28, 1976, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck the city of Tangshen, China, without warning. None of the signs of the successful prediction from a year and half earlier were present. An estimated 250,000 people died.

Unlike thirty years ago, however, earthquake scientists today have a few more tools at their fingertips to help predict temblors [READ MORE]

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