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Space Exploration | One of the most exciting and interesting achievements of mankind has been to explore space. As the Star Trek series states; “to boldly go where no man has gone before – StarTrek 1966-1969

Looking at the possibility of other civilizations and forms of life and technologies used around the galaxies the human has just begun to understand the importance of such and act upon it.

We humans are VERY far behind, However, “a tree will grow from a seed” and this is exactly where we are (the seed).

We have been able to reach the Moon and have been able to build the space station and then there are a lot of dreams but it has begun! – The race is on!

The Z-2 will be the next generation spacesuits. N. A. S. A has completed tests with the Z-1 initial version.

“NASA’s work on the Z-1 was the first step in the developmental platform known as the Z-series, and an attempt to push the envelope on the capabilities of a “soft” exploration suit in terms of mobility. It also provided a platform for testing the other game changing technology in suited exploration, the suitport – NASA

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Introducing the next generation spacesuits

Infographic: NASA's Z-1 spacesuit could be used for exploring the moon and Mars
Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

Moving onto future concepts of space exploration

Present day dreams and concepts create tomorrow’s reality.
Back in 1960 the thought of a “simple” smartphone that one could carry in the pocket? It was a dream but today, how would we survive without them?.

Here are some future concepts

Corked Portable Aromatherapy

High Tech Gadgets

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